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Folioplast supplies various products for the automobile market, mainly for use in the car's interior.

This is a sector with a multitude of requirements, particularly in terms of mechanical resistance, noise reduction, fuel resistance, temperature resistance, UV resistance, odour diffusion, recyclability.

The ability to cope with variations in delivery schedules, and in the view of the volumes, cost requirements, is decisive in this type of market.

We transform a wide variety of materials which enables us to meet the requirements of this sector.

We work in close collaboration with our automotive supplier clients in the product definition phase, on documentary aspects (IMDS, norms, regulations, etc.), and on the development and production of each model.

Here are some examples of our products:
- tubes made from PA11, PA 66, PP for use under the engine hood,
- TPV profiles, POM rods for open-roof mechanisms,
- PUR profiles for truck floors
- etc.


Exemples de produits réalisés

Rigid tubes

  • Tubes pour mécanisme d’appuie-tête
  • Tubes pour projection électrostatique de poudre
  • Tubes pour alimentation de bols vibrants
  • Tubes de jauges de carburant
  • Tubes de coulissement pour câbles push-pull​​​​​​​

Flexible profiles

  • Profilés d’étancheité et usure pour planchers
  • Profilés pour toits ouvrants
  • Profilés antichocs divers
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Folioplast - 48, BOULEVARD DU GENERAL DE GAULLE - BP 50075 - F95204 Sarcelles Cedex
Tél :+33 (0)
E-mail : contact@folioplast.com